Tony Marmont

Professor Tony Marmont – Founder

Professor Tony Marmont has spent the last 30 years dedicating his life to finding technologies which can provide us with alternatives to burning oil and coal.

Tony formed Beacon Energy in 1992 as a not- for-profit organisation. His aim was to increase public awareness about climate change and what can be done to address it. Today, with most people aware of the damaging effects of climate change Beacon Energy remains focused on reducing CO2 emissions by promoting and demonstrating clean energy technology for the future.

Tony believes that shortage of oil could be causing serious economic problems as early as 2015. The creative use of renewable energy in industry is crucial.

In 2008 Tony inspired the formation of the UK Sustainable Development Association, an association for businesses that provide products and services to help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

He has endowed two chairs in sustainable energy. He built one of Britain’s first ever wind farms in Cumbria and his own home in, Leicestershire, uses solar panels, heat from a nearby lake, straw bales to insulate his home, and wind turbines to supply power to the grid; an electric car sits on the drive, not far from the hangar where his helicopter is parked.

In 2009 Tony Marmont was presented with the ‘Individual Achievement Award’ by the Energy Institute, in recognition of 30 years of dedication to averting man-made climate change.

Tony Marmont has owned a Wind Turbine manufacturing company for 10 years, he has also founded and runs Beacon Energy Ltd for the last 12 years.

Tony has been a helicopter and fixed wing pilot since 1943, and finding an alternative fuel for his helicopter was the inspiration for Tony to found and become Chairman of Fuels From Air